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The episode opens with Radu coming in from the airlock in an EV suit with a container. Inside is a stuffed teddy bear, clearly of Earth origin, though how it got that far out into space, neither he nor Rosie quite know. The bear gives off a mysterious glow momentarily when Radu picks it up to show Rosie but neither seem to notice. Almost immediately after Rosie leaves with the bear in its container, Radu shivers and seems off-color.

Radu crosses path with Harlan soon after and begins hallucinating that he is some kind of monster, not entirely unlike a Spung in appearance. His condition worsens quickly, with his hallucinations overlaying not only his crew mates, but even the Christa's food tubes. He becomes paranoid, believing that the other crew are out to get him. Goddard, Harlan and the others notice he seems ill and Thelma notes that his temperature is dropping and what appears to be ice crystals form on his hair and skin.

During all this, Catalina is busy celebrating the Saturnian Rejoicing Festival, dancing and shouting ZaBaGaBe, trying to find ways of getting out of having to do so, even faking a sprained ankle after Radu pushes her down in the hall and breaks her ceremonial staff. Meanwhile, Radu's condition is worsening as he becomes increasingly paranoid of his friends, attacking Thelma, Catalina and eventually cornering Harlan in the Command Post as Goddard announces over the ship's internal communications that Radu is "out of control".

Radu knocks Harlan unconscious and drags him to the airlock, preparing to flush him out into the vacuum of space while Rosie has an epiphany about the bear he retrieved earlier. She asks Thelma about the area of space they are currently traveling through and she informs him that they are in an area coveted by the Stracyzn who routinely leave booby-trapped items including biological weapons for passers-by.

Rosie rushes to find Radu and cures him with her Mercurian heat powers. Radu, having regained his senses, rescues Harlan from the airlock, who only grudgingly thanks him. The episode ends as crew joins together to celebrate Catalina's Rejoicing festival, dancing together in the command post, save Bova who merely rolls his eyes at his crewmates and leaves down a jumptube.


This episode contains numerous references to sci-fi series Babylon 5:

  • The teddy bear in this episode is a prop used in the episode "There All The Honor Lies", which the character Sheridan tosses out an airlock. The episode was, most coincidentally, written by Peter David.
  • The name for the alien race Straczyn comes from the name of creator J. Michael Straczynski, the creator of Babylon 5 and a colleague and friend of Peter.
  • The game mentioned by Thelma, Minbar Chess, is a reference to an alien race on the show, the Minbari.


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