Admiral Cody

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Admiral Cody is Harlan Band's step-father.


Harlan's mother remarried Admiral Cody 'a few years' after the death of her husband, who was also a Stardog. Her first husband died in the Spung War. Harlan's relationship with his step father is strained at best; the Admiral does not have much faith that Harlan Band has the aptitude to become a Stardog, hence the confrontational nature of their conversation in "Long Distance Calls". Admiral Cody has a strict military no-nonsense attitude toward life with an emphasis on discipline. He also displays mild contempt for Commander Goddard in the same episode, bringing up the incident with Reaver and comparing it to Harlan's rash decision to lead the students onto the ship. He blames Goddard's "rule-breaking" for setting a bad example. He seems surprised when Harlan actually apologizes, and doesn't quite believe it when Harlan claims he's finally found something to care about. In the second contact with him, he claims he "would like to say good job" but that it "doesn't make up" for their "earlier failures, of course" though he does grudgingly admit that there may be "hope" for Harlan.

He does seem concerned with getting Harlan and the others back home, but whether this is out of a sense of duty or some hidden affection for his stepson is unknown. Harlan is convinced that Cody "hates" him.