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Andromedans are an alien race originally from Andromeda .


Andromedan physiology is extremely dense, potentially explaining their incredible strength and why Andromedans have long hair -- the dense molecular structure is not easily cut. They also have large ears that could pick up almost any sound. It took a lot of practice and control to block out certain sounds, and Andromedans without that control would not be able to take all the sounds that were hitting their ears at once.

Andromedans have an internal atmosphere, and vent snow and steam when that atmosphere is unbalanced. A body temperature of 35° Celcius (95° Farenheit) is low for Andromedans, potentially caused by illness.

Culture and HistoryEdit

The Andromedans are the first alien species from another galaxy to visit the Milky Way[1].

The Spung-Andromeda War Edit

The Andromedan's sleeper vessel was discovered first by the Spung. Knowing they were no match physically for the Andromedans, they held their hatchery hostage in order to press them into slavery. The Spung used the enslaved Andromedans as troops to wage war on outlying planets in the U.P.P. borders.

The ensuing conflict with the U.P.P. was called the Spung-Andromeda War, and lasted only a year. Knowing they were about to lose, the Spung retreated, but left the Andromedans (including their imprisoned hatchery) behind.

When it was discovered the Andromedans were enslaved and unwilling participants, the U.P.P. gave the Andromedans amnesty as they had to other alien war refugees, allowed them U.P.P. membership, and allowed them to create a colony on a planet near Proxima Centauri[2]. This caused some controversy, as suspicion and resentment of the Andromedans was still an issue.

Andromedan CharactersEdit

Radu 386