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Bova is one of the students aboard The Christa; he is most well known for his infallible pessimism.


Long-suffering Bova is the resident Eeyore[1] of The Christa (or perhaps Marvin the Paranoid Android[2] would be a better comparison). Everything will always turn out in the worst way possible in Bova's estimation, though this fact doesn't seem to bother him too much. Bova's dire predictions can become grating for the rest of the crew and often upset Miss Davenport, though his scientific knowledge and ability to point out such eventualities often serves to keep the rest of the crew grounded; his conservative nature balances out Rosie's optimism as well as Harlan and Catalina's tendency to jump into things without forethought.

Bova's true passion lies in the sciences and he is occasionally seen conducting experiments of his own (though he is, in Miss Davenport's estimation, often reluctant to do so because he believes they will turn out badly). He socializes with all of the crew, but his main friendship is with Rosie and he is often seen with her.

Despite being the smallest member of the crew, Bova has the largest appetite of them all.


Bova may have been named for American science writer Ben Bova. This unconfirmed possibility is further supported by the fact that Bova's father is named Benn.