Boys bunkroom

bova checking out his room

The Boys' Bunkroom is where Harlan, Bova, and Radu sleep. It is a circular room with softly lit floors that provide a majority of the room's illumination. Large yellow spheres embedded in certain panels of the room's walls provide additional lighting. The beds are flat, and slide into large triangular compartments inside the walls to save on space. The bedding is red with blue cylindrical pillows attached to the head of the bed. There are drawers lining most, if not all, of the wall panels. The center of the room has short stylish tables. Known as "The Pit" or "The Forbidden Zone," it is distinguished from the Girls' Bunkroom by its more disheveled appearance. Clothes are strewn around, and beds are rarely made. Goddard has been heard to comment that it looks like a firefight with the Spung has just happened there.