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Commander Seth Goddard is one of two adults on board The Christa, having been one of the Casers' teachers; he followed them when they first boarded the mysterious alien ship.


Seth Goddard is currently employed as a teacher at the Starcademy, reluctantly continuing in this capacity on board The Christa for the duration of the return trip back to the Sol System. He was, however, once a successful member of the S.T.A.R.D.O.G.S., having fought in the Spung-Andromeda War. He achieved the rank of Captain before being demoted in rank to Commander, and was sent to the academy to teach the remedial class. This misfortune followed an incident where he chased personal rival and space pirate Reaver into disputed territory, causing a scandal and nearly causing a war.

In "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place", he clearly resents having to teach the "space cases" of the academy, seeing the teaching stint as nothing but an unpleasant punishment. He nonetheless manages to become a valuable source and ally for the students once boarding The Christa. He provides both discipline on board the ship, particularly when the boisterous students surpass the ability of Davenport to control them, and a deep well of practical experience and advice in the work of crewing a large space vessel. The students themselves seem to react far better to his laid-back demeanor than to Davenport's uptight rigidness, particularly Harlan.

In "Long Distance Calls", it is revealed that he is not held in particularly high esteem by his superior officer, Admiral Cody. Cody accuses him of setting a bad example by his "rule breaking" and generally seems to think of Goddard as a loose cannon and discipline problem, referencing the previous incident with Reaver. While Goddard's fate isn't revealed, Cody does tell him that they will have "a lot to discuss" upon his return to the Sol System, implying that Goddard's days with the S.T.A.R.D.O.G.S. may well be limited.


Often starts criticisms with the phrase "Space hates..." such as -