The Doppelganger

Chara doppelganger

Energy creature
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The Doppelganger is a malevolent energy-creature encountered by the crew near the end of Season 2. While it is considered a legend in the U.P.P., the 


The Doppelganger is first seen by the crew in the form of a green mist in the Jump Tubes of The Christa. It creates a double of individuals who pass through it, trapping the originals in The Lounge. The precise motive of the Doppelganger isn't apparent, however it somehow gains energy through the chaos it causes, so the "evil twins" seek to create strife among the crew and eventually maximize destruction. Their combative nature eventually leads them to fight amongst themselves rather than fight the crew. The doubles disappear once the Doppelganger is destroyed when Suzee sucks it into the protomix to use as fuel.

Apparently Goddard had run into a doppelganger before, and "evil triplets of himself" were made. (Whether this was two copies or three is disputed.) He said he had to chase them across the universe before he could find and destroy them, but doesn't reveal if he is the original Goddard.


Rosie's double renamed herself "Ruby".