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Dram is an elderly man encountered by the crew of The Christa late in Season 1


Dram was held in suspended animation aboard a vessel that was meant to transfer him to a long-term care facility to deal with a degenerative illness resulting in delusions, possibly similar to Alzheimer's, after his daughter Mira determines that she can no longer give him proper care in their small outer colony community. The ship apparently was attacked en route and Dram was placed in the cryopod and jettisoned.

Dram appears suddenly on The Christa, apparently brought aboard by the ship herself after floating in the vacuum of space for many years of lying in suspended animation in his escape pod. He is an elderly man who believes himself to be a knight, there to defend his "daughter" Catalina (whom he mistook for his real daughter Mira) from a monster on The Christa. He perishes in "The Impossible Dram" when he plunges his sword into the heart of The Christa's engines under the belief that it is a dragon.


The character is based on the book El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha [1] by author Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra[2].

The final scene in which Catalina comes to believe his vision of a dragon is reminiscent of the phenomenon known as "Folie à deux"[3] where a delusion is shared between two people; in Catalina's case it was likely a side effect of the leaking coma-inducing drugs coming from Dram's damaged cryopod.