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Mercurians inhabit Mercury .


Mercurians have adapted to living on the closest planet to the Sun in a number of ways. Their skin tone is a shade of pink that can be likened to a permanent deep sunburn. They are completely hairless.

Their internal temperature can reach to very high levels. They can control their body heat with practice. They can absorb and project this heat either by touch or by proximity. Rosie has used her heat powers medically to soothe Catalina's sore ankle. In terms of offensive attacks she has also shot a fireball from her mouth at Reaver, among other things.

Culture and HistoryEdit

Mercurians are descendant from the Rigelians, who are from a place outside the Sol System. As a race they tend to have friendly, cheerful personalities, always looking on the "bright side" of things.

Mercurians are adept at medical professions. Both of Rosie's parents are doctors. She also aspires to become one; for now she acts as the medical officer aboard the Christa.

Mercurian CharactersEdit