Chara ninestein

Canned Genius
Known Affiliations
Played By
Serge Houde, others unknown

Ninestein is a malevolent force encountered by the crew of The Christa early in Season 1


Ninestein is the bottled remains of nine scientists from the planet Kzanimir, preserved following the destruction of their ship and crash-landing on some unspecified planet. They transform Commander Goddard and T.J. Davenport into children after hijacking The Christa. They intended to use the ship to return to their home world and enforce a strict schedule of study and meditation which the students quickly rebel against. Following the fusion of the nine personalities into one, they create unspecified modifications to The Christa and return Goddard and Davenport to their proper ages.

Chara ninestein2

Fused Ninestein


The name "Ninestein" is a clear reference to the famous historical physicist Albert Einstein[1], best known for creating the Theory of Relativity[2].

One of Ninestein's faces belongs to series co-creator Peter David [3].