Chara reaver

Known Affiliations
formerly Starcademy, Pirate
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Reaver is a space pirate who travels with Ubi in a ship called The Buttkicker. The crew encounters this character early in Season 2


The crew of The Christa encounters Reaver and Ubi in "Long Distance Calls" and soon discover that Commander Goddard already knows the pirate and has an apparent feud with him. The animosity between the two of them is explained by Goddard due to the fact that Reaver dropped out of the Starcademy to become a pirate in space. There seems to be more behind it than this simple explanation, as Goddard also refers to him a "world-class thief and cheat" in a rather spiteful manner and indicating a personal enmity. Reaver is the pirate involved in the incident that resulted in Goddard's punishment.

Not much else is revealed about Reaver's past, though the large scar on his face is apparently the result of an altercation with Goddard. The scar on top of his head is unexplained, although it is believed to be there because of Reaver's own modifications.

Reaver also seems to have unusual strength for a human, being able to stand up to Radu's Andromedan strength for a length of time, which seemed to confuse Radu, coupled with genuine surprise on Reaver's part when Radu began to overpower him. It is possible he has had some kind of artificial physical augmentation. He was also able to rebuff Suzee's attempts to control his mind, the only character who so far has been able to block her psychic abilities.


Reaver is the origin of the name of "the Reavers" from [Firefly]