The Rigelians are a species that migrated from far away in order to settle in the Sol System.


Very little is known about the Rigelians' original biology, but it is certain they adapt extremely quickly-- within a few generations-- to new environments. Rigelians in their original form no longer exist, as their descendants have adapted completely to the environments of the colony planets in the Sol System, evolving fully into their own sub-species. Each species descended from the Rigelians have developed certain abilities or powers as a result of their environments.

Culture and HistoryEdit

The Rigelians traveled to the Sol System many years prior to the start of the series as war refugees. Based on their names, it is possible they originate from a planet or planets around the star Rigel. They had fought in a battle against a race called the Zillorites but, although they won the conflict, their home planets were destroyed in the process. The colonization arrangement made with humans in the Sol System eventually led to the formation of the United Populated Planets.

Rigelian DescendantsEdit