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Rosie is one of the students aboard The Christa; she is best known for her infallible optimism.


Rosie is the 'sunny' member of the crew, always ready to see the bright side of life even in the most dire situations. She is not, however, stupid or naive, and her 'glass-half-full' attitude is as much out of necessity as anything else - as a Mercurian, if she becomes angry, her body temperature can rise to astonishing and possibly dangerous levels. Her presence in the remedial class is somewhat questionable due to her obvious intelligence, though her endless optimism may have resulted in her not spending as much time as necessary studying due to thinking things would turn out well in any case.

Her kind and positive nature ensures that she is well-liked among her classmates, though occasionally her optimism becomes exasperating to the crew. As a pessimist, Bova in particular finds her outlook to be somewhat confusing. Despite their opposite natures, however, Bova and Rosie remain good friends, often spending more time with one another than with other members of the crew. While friendly, Rosie is not without confidence or ego, one only need reference her family tree project in "It's My Birthday, Too (Yeah!)" to see just how she views herself.

Rosie's real talents lie in medicine; both of her parents are doctors by profession and Rosie wishes to follow their example. She serves as the ship's ad-hoc nurse, tending to the minor sprains and other injuries of her fellow crew members.


Rosie has two pets back home on Mercury: Sunspot and Nimbus.

Rosie tapes her Minbari zither practices.