Sorola Elmira

Chara elmira

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Elmira is a member of the Spung race which the crew encountered early in their travels


An unusual and mysterious Spung girl, Elmira first encounters the crew in "Spung at Heart". She offers them the use of her gift - fortune-telling - in exchange for their cooperation in allowing her to repair components of her ship whilst aboard The Christa. They do not at first trust her, though surprisingly it is Radu who is the first to give her any real benefit of the doubt. As her predictions begin to come true, they come to believe in her, though this tenuous trust ends immediately when a Killcruiser appears. Radu chooses to trust her anyway, and allows her to return to her ship, telling the rest of the crew that she escaped. Ultimately Elmira allows herself to be captured by her father, Warlord Shank so that the crew of the Christa may escape.

In the final episodes of Season 1, Elmira reveals she has a shared 'destiny' with Radu, but the nature of this fate is not explained.

Elmira's relationship with her father is one of conflict. He wishes to use her abilities as a seer for the expansion of the Spung Empire. Elmira resists the corruption of her gift and flees; Warlord Shank sees her as ungrateful and disobedient. Her whereabouts at the end of Season 2 are unknown; however she was not with Warlord Shank and the other Spung when they were trapped on the derelict satellite.


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