Spung geoph

prime example of a spung male
Picture of Warlord Geopha

Elmira is the only female spung ever shown

The Spung are a warlike expansionist alien race (in the U.P.P perspective) from outside the Sol System . They are the most common organized opponent to U.P.P. expansion and exploration. In interactions, they act uncompromisingly and aggressively.


The Spung have reptillian features. They are strong, and appear to have an exoskeleton. They may have latent psychic powers.

Culture and HistoryEdit

The Spung fought in the Spung-Andromeda war. Andromedan history says they were enslaved by Spung, and won independance.

The Spung apparently have a monarchic-style government system of inherited authority.

Some Spung individuals enjoy hunting.

They have advanced technology, some of which is admittedly based on Lumanian developments.


A mention of Spung alerts Radu to extreme danger. The Humans are also wary of them, particularly the risk-adverse Davenport.

The Spung relationship to U.P.P. resembles the Klingon race from Star Trek.

Spung CharactersEdit