T.J Davenport

Chara davenport

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Miss T.J. Davenport is one of two adults on board The Christa, having been assistant principal of the Starcademy the Casers attended; she followed them when they first boarded the mysterious alien ship.


Miss Theresa James Davenport was employed as the assistant principal of the Starcademy before being carried off on The Christa where she now serves as the primary tutor for the Casers (though she discovers in "Long Distance Calls" that she was presumed dead and is no longer employed, much to her dismay). She conducts formal classes and assignments aboard the ship despite the unusual circumstances and has high expectations for her students, regardless of their 'remedial' status. She is also equally strict in her own daily affairs, holding herself to high standards.

Miss Davenport has an anxious personality and is prone to panic and fainting spells; Bova's pessimism and predictions of doom seem to unnerve her far more so than they do the rest of the crew. She does not quite fit in with the rest of the ship's crew and her outwardly positive demeanor often seems to belie a sense of isolation and general insecurity; she is more often the brunt of the crew's practical jokes than the recipient of their respect or kindness and unlike Commander Seth Goddard generally fails to see any humor in their pranks. Nonetheless, she clearly has concern for her students and looks after their intellectual growth and general well being to the best of her ability.